Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. We are involved in virtually every facet of the energy industry. We explore for, produce and transport crude oil and natural gas; refine, market and distribute transportation fuels and lubricants; manufacture and sell petrochemical products; generate power and produce geothermal energy; provide renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions; and develop the energy resources of the future, including research into advanced biofuels.
The Winery Restaurant The Winery RestaurantExpect to stumble into wine country in the heart of Orange County at The Winery Restaurant. Located in The District in Tustin.
SmartWater SmartWater is inspired by the way mother nature makes water, known as the hydrologic cycle. We simulate the whole process by vapor distilling smartwater, making every drop as pure as the very first drop of rain. We then add electrolytes for faster hydration. If it all sounds like genius, it is we’re water scientists (but we like to think of ourselves as artists).
Jonata Wines Jonata Wines There are some people who are educated toward certain positions in life and others who are born to assume them – and Matt Dees is what you’d call a natural winemaker. Matt has a keel feel for the shapes and dimension of Tannin. Listening to him discuss the tannin elements found in Jonata Wines is like listening to Buckminster Fuller describe the Geodesic Dome (which he invented), or like listening to daring polyphonic construction of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.