2015 Featured Wineries & Breweries
CRAFT BEERBeach City Brewery is Huntington Beach’s FIRST craft brewery featuring several signature beers, seasonal favorites and short-run experimental brews. Supporting the local community is a priority for the Beach City crew, and you will find them all over Southern California serving refreshment with a laid back “Surf City” style and friendliness. Look for Beach City Brewery at your next Golf Tournament, Beach Party or local restaurant… you will find us where the Brew meets the Beach!
Cholame Vineyard The word Cholame (Sho-Lamb) comes from the valley’s original Indian settlers meaning “The Beautiful One”. Cholame Winery was started by Andres Ibarra, who from an early age had a passion for wine. The beauty of the Cholame Valley was what inspired the winemaker to see what he could grow from that beautiful region. They now offer many varieties of wine, many of which they introduced to the region for the first time.
Tequila Fortaleza Guillermo Erickson Sauza, a fifth-generation family member, produces Tequila Fortaleza, using traditional techniques. This is a beautiful artisan hand-crafted, stone milled tequila. Tequila Fortaleza is produced entirely within the walls of their estate, using centuries old traditional methods which, although are very labor intensive, create a tequila which is unequaled in taste and smoothness.
Ascension Cellars began when two friends, Erick Allen and Brian F. Sauls, were enjoying a glass of wine together one summer day. “You know, this is good,” they said, “but there is something missing.” And so, the quest for something better began. They wanted elegance, body, and boldness in their wines. They wanted wines that they would be proud to offer to their family and friends.What followed was good fortune by the barrel. Vast support came not only from knowledgeable mentors in Lake Arrowhead, who have been making wine together for decades, but also from family, friends and other winemakers. All were the inspiration for two friends who simply aspired to make a wine that matters.
Pear Valley is a family owned vineyard and winery located in Paso Robles, California. Our focus on quality begins in the vineyard with low yields to produce intense flavors. All the fruit is hand harvested and immediately sorted and processed at our estate winery while the fruit is still cold and fresh. Within the winery the wines are processed and aged to bring out the best the varietal has to offer. Once the wines are finally released, they are ready to be consumed. We strive to deliver the highest quality wines at affordable prices so you can enjoy them with friends and family daily.
Houdini and Wine Country Gift Baskets have been in the wine business, sourcing and selling wine, for over 30 years. During this time we have tasted thousands of wines and met a variety of characters including some of the best wine grape growers and winemakers in California. These relationships have allowed us to source our own grapes and work with the winemakers to create many wines that we know our customers and their gift recipients will enjoy.
Lucky Dogg Winery is located in the Santa Ynez Valley, where owners Brent Melville and Mead Whippo create hand-crafted, locally sourced amazing wines. For a full list of our wines, click here. Lucky Dogg Winery’s tasting room is located at 1607 Mission Drive, Suite 102 in Solvang, California. We are open 7 days a week: Sunday-Thursday from 12:00pm-6:00pm and Friday-Saturday from 12:00pm-7:30pm.
At Oneway Winery, we always had a desire to live in the country so in 2001 jumped at an opportunity to purchase old farm house built in 1926 and 18 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Lodi Appellation. In 2004 we added another varietal, Pinot Grigio. That was the beginning of MY Green Vineyards, LLC.
Spring is when Navarro releases wines produced in such small lots that we make them available to our mailing list friends on a first-come basis. This release includes three dry whites: a Roussanne-Marsanne blend inspired by the wines of the Rhône, Navarro’s value-packed Pinot Blanc and a crisp Riesling. Two vigorous red wines from the 2012 vintage and a blushingly pretty 2014 rosé are also available. A luscious Cluster Select Gewürztraminer is as sweet as the new babes. Pinot Blanc and Navarrouge are offered with case specials for $12.42 per bottle, a great way to celebrate the birth of spring.
Tucked into the hillside east of Paso Robles, along California’s enchanting Central Coast is Robert Hall Winery, where years of hard work and infinite attention to detail are invested into every bottle of wine we make. As farmers first, the goal is to nurture the land and coax from it the finest fruit possible from the vineyards on the Hall Ranch — each with its own personality and each expressing unique nuances that strive to capture the essence of Paso Robles.
Rutherford Wine Company is family-owned and managed with a portfolio of wines representing the rich diversity of California’s outstanding appellations. Today, the portfolio includes Rutherford Ranch Winery (Napa Valley), Round Hill, Scott Family Estate (Arroyo Seco), Lander-Jenkins Vineyards, Predator (Lodi), Rhiannon, Silver Buckle, and extensive Private Label offerings.
Wilson Creek Winery is warm and friendly, comfortable yet exhilarating, simple yet elegant, all inspirations from the Estate wines, vineyards and Mount Palomar in the distance. The Wilson family all join together to make your Temecula wine country experience an enjoyable one, one that you will remember! – See more here.
Quigley Fine Wines – We are importers of artisanal wines from sustainable, small production vineyards in Italy, France and Spain. The families and winemakers behind every bottle of wine we offer are as charming and as interesting as the wine itself. It is our goal to bridge the gap between the winemaker and the wine drinker – to keep the stories behind the wine alive until the cork is popped and the wine can speak for itself…
Marani Vodka – Marani is made with only 100% late-harvest winter wheat and natural spring water found within the Ararat Valley. Master distillers carefully manage a triple distillation and twenty-five times filtration process until the vodka’s preferred clarity is revealed. It is the next step which distinguishes Marani: its proprietary aging method. While most vodkas go from distillation and filtration tanks straight to the bottle, Marani uses skim milk and honey during its confidential process to smoothen the vodka, imparting a remarkably rounded taste and aroma which has become the Marani signature.
Silkwood Wines – Silkwood Wines, in Modesto, California, produces World Class fine wines from Syrah, Petite Sirah, Chardonnay, Alicante Bouschet, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. All bottles feature a unique velvet label that represents the smooth and rich profile of the wines.