2014 Event Featured Wineries / 2015 Winery List TBA
  FEATURED WINERY FOR 2014Paul Hobbs Winery. Meticulous vineyard management followed by minimally-invasive winemaking techniques allows us to produce wines that express their vineyard origins with finesse, complexity and authenticity. Paul Hobbs wines are fermented with native yeasts, aged in French oak, and bottled unfined and unfiltered.
  We will be Huntington Beach’s first production micro-brewery. Our first brew day was April 3, 2014. We were able to fill all four fermenters before leaving for Denver to attend the Craft Brewer’s Conference. Currently, we have our Hang Five IPA, PCH Pale Ale, Overcast Summer Wheat, and Sweet Crude Stout fermenting.
  When we say Ousterhout wines are handcrafted, we mean it. Our commitment to producing handcrafted wines by winemaker Micah Wirth delivers sensational standout vintages. Since quality is our primary guide, there’s no pressure to take shortcuts. We don’t rush the grapes or harvest process to meet our schedule.As part of our handcrafted approach, we make sure we always do what’s best for the grapes, even if it means we’re in the fields before dawn and well past dusk. We keep our grapes cool once they are off the vine to help retain their unique characteristic’s that make for the most flavorful wines.
From a remote village Michoacan, Mexico, to the vineyards of Sonoma County, this is the story of Ulises Valdez’s pursuit of the American dream. This has culminated in the opening of the Valdez Family Winery and Tasting Room in Healdsburg, California.
Imagine Wine is a true boutique winery producing aromatic and delicious wines in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, near Santa Barbara, California. Our wines are hand crafted by our winemaker, Ross Jay Rankin. He entered the industry in the late 1990’s and early on he produced in a facility affectionately known by its many excellent winemakers as the “Lompoc Wine Ghetto.” In 2008 he moved his craft to the “state-of-the-art” facility, Terravant, in Buellton. Ross sources extraordinary grapes from the renowned vineyards of the California central coast.
Wilson Creek Winery is warm and friendly, comfortable yet exhilarating, simple yet elegant, all inspirations from the Estate winesvineyards and Mount Palomar in the distance. The Wilson family all join together to make your Temecula wine country experience an enjoyable one, one that you will remember! – See more here.
Jonata Wines Jonata Wines There are some people who are educated toward certain positions in life and others who are born to assume them – and Matt Dees is what you’d call a natural winemaker. Matt has a keel feel for the shapes and dimension of Tannin. Listening to him discuss the tannin elements found in Jonata Wines is like listening to Buckminster Fuller describe the Geodesic Dome (which he invented), or like listening to daring polyphonic construction of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.
Graveyard Vineyards Graveyard Vineyards Rob and Paula Campbell-Taylor, owners and caretakers of Graveyard Vineyards, bought the beautiful hilltop property in 2003 when the vineyard was in its seventh leaf and they set their goals firmly in place to create wines that memories are made of.
Hillard Bruce Hillard Bruce planted 21 acres of vineyard on 101 acres starting in 2004. Our wine is made 100% from estate vineyards, strictly Pinot noir and Chardonnay. The vineyards are located off Highway 246 near these vineyards: Clos Pepe, Babcock, Melville, Huber, Taylor, Cebada Canyon, Kessler Haak, Gypsy Canyon, Zotovitch. We are directly across 246 from Dos Hermanas Vineyard
Cholame Vineyard The word Cholame (Sho-Lamb) comes from the valley’s original Indian settlers meaning “The Beautiful One”. Cholame Winery was started by Andres Ibarra, who from an early age had a passion for wine. The beauty of the Cholame Valley was what inspired the winemaker to see what he could grow from that beautiful region. They now offer many varieties of wine, many of which they introduced to the region for the first time.
Tequila Fortaleza Guillermo Erickson Sauza, a fifth-generation family member, producesTequila Fortaleza, using traditional techniques. This is a beautiful artisan hand-crafted, stone milled tequila. Tequila Fortaleza is produced entirely within the walls of their estate, using centuries old traditional methods which, although are very labor intensive, create a tequila which is unequaled in taste and smoothness.
Carte Blanche Wines Carte Blanche wines are produced with a generations-old commitment to creating limited, hand-crafted, fine wine. Per their Winemaker, Luc Morlet, Neo-Classical winemaking is the approach to marry terroir and tradition. Hands on viticulture, vineyard management, and classical French winemaking adapted to northern California are the foundation of their wines.
Ascension Cellars began when two friends, Erick Allen and Brian F. Sauls, were enjoying a glass of wine together one summer day. “You know, this is good,” they said, “but there is something missing.” And so, the quest for something better began. They wanted elegance, body, and boldness in their wines. They wanted wines that they would be proud to offer to their family and friends.What followed was good fortune by the barrel. Vast support came not only from knowledgeable mentors in Lake Arrowhead, who have been making wine together for decades, but also from family, friends and other winemakers. All were the inspiration for two friends who simply aspired to make a wine that matters.